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Sonny Brewer

Sonny Brewer

Car Crazy

One local writer drives down memory lane in more than 100 old cars that came and went easily, and the one that he just couldn’t part with.

Meet Captain Carl Black

Sonny Brewer sits down with Fairhope waterman Carl Black during a pause in his journey to sail around the world.
Portrait of Captain Morgan leaning on a boat

Captain Morgan Tackles Life

The Bait Buff of Barnwell offers all things for anglers in his shop, including wisdom.

They Call the Captain Hollywood

A grizzled veteran of the sea has tall tales to tell.

Spotlight: East Bay Automotive

A kid with a love for engines became a man with a gift for caring for cars and customers.

The Amazing Life of Tom Yeager

With stories aplenty, this Mobile Bay waterman certainly lives up to the title.

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