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Tom McGehee

Washington Square fountain

Ask McGehee: What is the history of Mobile’s Washington Square?

Washington Square is one of Mobile's most beloved parks and is surrounded by some of the finest examples of 19th-century architecture.

Ask McGehee

What Downtown luxury hotel burned, just before opening its doors?

Prescription for Change

Historian Tom McGehee explains how pandemics have shaped home design.

Ask McGehee

Is it true that one of NASA’s first astronauts was from Mobile?

Ask McGehee

Prior to this year, have Mardi Gras parades ever been cancelled due to a pandemic?

Ask McGehee

What is the history of the state docks?

Ask McGehee

What is the history of the property known as ‘Cannongate’ on Spring Hill Avenue?

Ask McGehee

How many ships have been named Mobile?

Ask McGehee

What is the history of Bienville Square?

Ask McGehee

What do you know about the Mobilian who worked with Thomas Edison?

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