Cocktail Recipe: Smoky Dove

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a refreshing cocktail. A little mezcal keeps it interesante.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Smoky Dove

3/4 cup mezcal 
3/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice 
1/2 cup St-Germain elderflower liqueur 
6 tablespoons fresh lime juice 
3 tablespoons agave nectar 
1 small lime, cut into 4 wedges
grapefruit wheels, for garnish 

Combine first five ingredients in a large pitcher and mix well. Refrigerate until chilled. Pour over ice in highball glasses. Top with a squeeze of lime and garnish with a grapefruit wheel. Serves 4

Mezcal 101

Mezcal is a spirit produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, still distilled from the heart of the agave plant in much the same way as it has been for more than 200 years. It can take up to 15 years for an agave plant to mature and grow the heart, or piña, from which mezcal is made. This piña, which resembles a small pineapple, is charred over a fire, producing mezcal’s signature flavor. While the nuances of each mezcal can vary wildly, the limited selection of bottles available in our area leans towards a sweet and smoky profile. Traditionally consumed straight-up in Mexico, mezcal is finding its way onto creative cocktail menus across the country and around our town. We think you should add it to your own bar.

Did you know?

Tequila is technically a mezcal, as it is produced from the agave plant just like all mezcals. The two liquors come from their own species of agave, however, and have unique methods and differing regions of production, as well as distinct flavors. They do both pack a similar punch.

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