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Rosemary Butter Cookies  

Handmade in Donna Hill’s Point Clear kitchen with rosemary from her own garden, these cookies pair perfectly with everything from a warm latte to a glass of rosé. They are sold in stores from New Orleans to Seaside, but locally you can find them at Mosley’s Meats, Pour Baby, Greer’s, Burris Farm Market and boutiques on both sides of the Bay. She also offers cheese straws and custom specialty cakes. $11 per bag

Cake by Donna[email protected]


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Almond Cakes

The dense, moist almond cakes that were once only available by special order during the holidays are now on the dinner table year round. Helen Milteer is baking up her special recipe each week and retailing them on the Eastern Shore at Living Well and Greer’s Downtown Market. Those in the know special order her spiced pecan cakes, too. Homemade has never been this easy! $10 for small, $20 for large

Point Clear CakesFacebook: pointclearcakes


Smoked Tuna Dip 

Elton Chavers and Jackie Windham, left, are using Southern pecan wood down in Bon Secour to smoke fresh, local tuna for this incredibly creamy spread. It is a menu option at popular restaurants all along the Gulf Coast, including The Hangout, Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, Tacky Jacks, Old 27 Grill and more. Pick up a pint for yourself at Mosley’s, Food Pak, Allegri Farm Market and Old Shell Growlers, among others. $5 per 6-ounce container     

LL’s Smoked Tuna Dip • 362-2277


The World’s Best Salsa 

More than just another condiment for taco night, this fresh homemade salsa is a vitamin in a cup! Tony Ingram originally concocted his zesty Tex-Mex treat as a salad dressing, and now Tony’s Tejas Salsa, made in Mobile, is adding olé to dinner tables across the Southeast. Pick up a pint at Whole Foods Market, as well as Piggly Wiggly, Virginia’s Health Foods, Food Pak and more. $5 per pint

Tony’s Tejas


Ginger Water 

Mobile native Anna Luce began mixing her fresh tonic after years of observing and experiencing firsthand the impact that natural remedies, such as ginger, can have for those battling an illness or hoping to avoid them in the first place. A natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, her ginger water also shakes up nicely with a little vodka and lime. Find it through Naturally Strong with Nonie at Windmill Market, Food Pak and FOY. $12 per four pack 

Take Root • 454-2782


Heirloom Grits, Flour & Cornmeal

The Lipscomb family has painstakingly resurrected their great-great-great-grandfather’s heirloom “Indian corn” seed stock, which first came to Magnolia Springs in 1875. A handful of seeds were frozen in the 1980s, but twin brothers Jarred and Joshua Higginbotham, right, recently brought them back to life. They now grow fields of colorful heirloom corn. Bayou Cora stone-milled grits retail at Baldwin County farmers markets and their new Foley storefront at 209 S. Alston St. $4 per bag

Bayou Cora


Ginger-Citrus Kombucha

These dark amber bottles are intended to protect more than 2.2 billion live and active cultures from the light of day. Kombucha is an ancient fermented probiotic tea made with bacteria and yeast that develops a delightful effervescence. Wild Magnolia, handcrafted by Fairhope’s Amanda Webb, is slightly fruity with just the right sweetness. Find it at Local’s in Fairhope or at area farmers markets. $4.50 per 12-ounce bottle

Wild MagnoliaFacebook: wildmagnoliakombucha

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