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Tag: Frances Beverly Papers

Mobile’s Borrowing Habit

Writer Frances Beverly recounts some of the most egregious borrowers of 19th-century Mobile.

Funny Mobile Customs

Writer Frances Beverly documents some of historic Mobile’s most bizarre practices.

Mobile Backyards of Old

Reflecting on her backyard and the young children who terrorized it, Frances Beverly reminisces about the fenced-off yards of her childhood.

Tub Night

Before indoor plumbing was popularized in Mobile, Saturday night bathing was a grueling tradition.

The Blizzard Carnival

The Mardi Gras of 1899 put the resolve of Mobile revelers to the ultimate test.

The Arson Ladies

In 19th-century Mobile, one household of well-to-do women had mischief up their sleeves.

How to Be Beautiful in Old Mobile

Born in 1865, Frances V. Beverly toiled away at her home on Government Street throughout the 1930s and ‘40s, ...

The Story of Old Mobile

Dear Mrs. Beverly, ” begins the 1938 letter from the Works Progress Administration of Alabama. “Referring to our effort to compile material for the proposed Almanac for Alabamians, ...

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