Would you rather…

You know the drill. Play our local twist on the classic conversation-starter, “Would You Rather.” We won't take “neither” for an answer. 

1. Would you rather…spend the night by yourself in Barton Academy or walk alone through the Church Street Graveyard at midnight?

2. Would you rather…smell like shrimp or look like the Crichton leprechaun?

3. Would you rather…play baseball like Hank Aaron or sing like Jimmy Buffett?

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4. Would you rather…eat 421 raw oysters from Wintzell’s or 50 Dew Drop hot dogs in one hour?

5. Would you rather…it rain every day for a year or be 95 degrees every day for a year?

6. Would you rather…have Mardi Gras beads for hair or purple, gold and green teeth?

7. Would you rather…give up seafood forever or eat seafood every meal for a year?

8. Would you rather…spend a full day on the beach with no sunscreen or get stung by a jellyfish?

Have a local “Would You Rather” you want to share? Comment below or share on our Facebook page. Just keep them PG-rated, folks!

mobilebaymag.com staff

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