3 Local Dishes To Try this Month

Our contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more.

“Some of the best local gumbo can be found at a new seafood market south of Fairhope. The proprietor, Don Rhodes, can help you put this dish together in a flash. It requires a little effort once at home, but it’s well worth it. The process involves combining their packaged roux and gumbo base with their fresh shrimp and crab claw meat using the seasonings of your choice. The result is a wonderful seafood gumbo that can serve a crowd.” — Chris Haley, Owner, Haley Development, LLC
Ahi Seafood • 18874 Section St., Fairhope. 517-7533

“Being a Krispy Kreme fan, I was a bit skeptical of the fried donuts at Java Hut. The skepticism ended with the first bite — they were so fresh and so hot. I chose to have mine dusted in cinnamon and sugar. (I mean, if you’re going to treat yourself, treat yourself.) They were great, so great, in fact, that I ate most of them in one sitting. My mom used to make donuts the same way, and just like back then, I couldn’t get enough.” — Dana Foster-Allen, Director of Finance, Mobile County Commission
Java Hut • 6343 Airport Blvd. 586-8074 

“My favorite dish from Southwood right now is the pesto roasted salmon served over spinach risotto with blistered tomatoes and creme fraiche. The salmon is cooked exactly as I love it, medium rare, with a bit of crispiness on the outside. The spinach risotto is lighter than I expected, stirred to perfection and obviously made-to-order. The pesto is super fresh, made with freshly cut basil from Chef Jeremiah’s herb garden.” — Cindy McCrory, Photographer and Studio Owner, Blue Room Photography
Southwood Kitchen • 1203 Hwy 98, Daphne. 626-6676

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