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Bill Finch

Bill Finch

Shellin’ Peas

Look back at the lost art of shelling field peas and stir up both classic and modern recipes.

Stop and Smell the Tea Olive

Though unassuming in appearance, this shrub releases a wintertime fragrance that any Scrooge could appreciate.

The Colors of the Wind

If Alabamians could ever get over their New England envy, they’d realize that their state’s fall leaf color packs a punch few other places in the world can...

Falling for Asters

Those bound and determined to have an English garden on the Gulf Coast this fall need to know two very important facts. First of all, you must...

The City of Palms

    Before there were azaleas, before camellias, long before live...

Hurricane Summer

Forgive us if we call this season “hurricane summer.”  On the Gulf Coast, that’s not just a weather forecast: It’s a verifiable season, running from roughly...

Shady Garden

What a hard summer it would be if you had to go through it without gingers. I guess you could do it, if you had to, ...

A Fig in the Hand

If someone you know has gone missing or if your loved ones in recent days are distant, let me suggest where to look: the fig tree. On...

Care for Bluegrassers

I’m not sure what you expected to find if you recently pulled up your Kentucky bluegrass roots and moved to the Gulf Coast. But you can forget everything you...

Open the Windows to Spring

I always look forward to this time of the year, when I can sleep with my garden. Don’t fret. I am safe and sound in my own bed. But...

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