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Haley Potts

Haley Potts

Natural Selections: Anthonomus grandis

The boll weevil immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 1892, arrived in Mobile County in 1910, and infiltrated the rest of the state by 1916. During...

Natural Selections: Cynoscion nebulous

With high numbers, good sizes and a fighting attitude, specks are a local angling favorite. Just in time for prime fishing season, learn more about the brackish...

A Hijabi Fashionista

The hijab, a traditional head covering of Muslim women, isn’t often paired with trends like glow-in-the-dark Jeffrey Campbell pumps or statement faux-fur sleeves. But Maria Al-sadek is...

Natural Selections: Ursus americanus floridanus

After a startling drop in numbers, black bear populations in Alabama are back on the rise. How can you help ensure this continues? Keep your distance from them, ...

Natural Selections: Sciurus carolinensis

Any squirrel worth its weight in peanuts knows that Bienville Square is where it’s at. Thanks to well-intentioned visitors sharing their A & M treats, the fearless, ...

Lower Alabama in Bloom

Let the beaches, back roads, streets and sidewalks of your favorite coastal communities inspire an unforgettable bridal bouquet.

Mobile Bay’s 2014 Class of 40 Under Forty

This year’s young leaders have professional savvy, big hearts and lots to say - so listen up. Our future’s looking bright.

Man Cakes

     WAY OF THE DRAGON Ideal for Mardi Gras season or the Carnival-crazed, this intricately detailed Mystics of Time-inspired cake actually  breathes out a smoke-like vapor,...

Natural Selections: Trichechus manatus

These smart, sleepy and curious creatures are the happiest 1, 000 pounds you’ll ever see. Watch out for them on the Gulf, as they’re liable to swim...

Natural Selections: Carya illinoinensis

What’s more American than apple pie? The pecan, that’s what. Native Americans and Confederate soldiers brewed them. George Washington  and Thomas Jefferson planted them. They even made it...

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