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Haley Potts

Haley Potts

Natural Selections: Myocastor coypus

More than a century ago, U.S. ranchers began to import nutria from South America in order to harvest their soft, brown fur. Eventually, remaining swamp...

Spar & Grill

Amid the sounds of SEC football and guffawing laughter, six gentlemen sit around a small patio table. The laughter abruptly stops as a young redhead hurriedly opens and...

The Mulligan Brothers

“When I die, my momma gets my soul.” Words so simple and sweet, not even the snarkiest critic could disagree. It’s with words like these that...

Natural Selections: Colaptes auratus

Whether it’s referring to a woodpecker, football chant or cocktail, the term “yellowhammer” is synonymous with the state of Alabama. Since becoming an official state emblem in...

Natural Selections: Pseudemys Alabamensis

On your way across the Bay, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the Delta’s most visible reptile: an Alabama red-bellied cooter basking lazily on a log or root....

Decked Out

Though miles apart in their charming waterfront towns, three local families’ awe-inspiring wharves showcase the best that coastal living has to offer.

Natural Selections: Sarracenia leucophylla

Pretty, sweet and surprisingly diabolical, pitcher plants are nature’s own tricky kind of fly trap, with a hearty diet of insects and the occasional small...

Natural Selections: Peromyscus polionotus ammobates

Generally thought of as dirty, pesky and undesireable, rodents get a bad rap. On the beaches between Fort Morgan and Ono Island, however, you...

Dueling Dragons

In ancient China, dragon boats, or long, wooden vessels decorated like the mythical creatures, were fashioned to encourage rainfall and appease the precipitation deities....

Natural Selections: Procambarus Clarkii

Whether you know them as crawfish, mudbugs, Louisiana lobsters or crayfish, everyone in and around Mobile Bay is familiar with these resilient freshwater crustaceans. You...

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