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Jacob Laurence

Jacob Laurence

The Gift of the Arts

It was Dec. 21, 1965, only four days before Christmas closed the city for a day of much-needed holiday cheer. At 8:15 p.m., the curtain...

Good to the Last Drop

In a bygone era before the automatic bean grinders, electric coffee percolators and Starbucks’ steamed half-caf latte concoctions, the black brew was more luxury than commodity....

The Shipwreck that Changed the World

In the 1780s, Spain’s many wars had depleted its treasury. King Carolus III ordered new silver coins minted to replenish royal coffers and help boost the nation’s...

Ten Years Gone

The embossed leather and brass fire helmet, above, similar in design to those worn by many fire fighters, belonged to a retired captain from Engine Company...

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