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Meg McCrummen Fowler

Meg McCrummen Fowler

Answers From the Past

Humble pieces of wood and metal speak volumes in a new exhibition about the slave ship Clotilda.

A History of Mobile in 22 Objects

As part of the History Museum’s exhibit “A History of Mobile in 22 Objects,” one object, a coffee urn from the Creole Fire Company, enlivens the social aspects of a community with a long and layered history.

Integrity of Craft

“Blacksmiths,” a painting from the archives of the History Museum of Mobile, affords a closer look at Great Depression-era Mobile.

A Presidential Breakfast

Artifacts at the History Museum of Mobile recall President Woodrow Wilson’s morning meal at the Battle House Hotel in 1913.

Tonti of the Iron Hand

The story of how a prized portrait finally and fittingly made it to Mobile is as fascinating as the subject himself.

Small is the New Big

   Tiny houses, miniature vegetables and microshops have been giving new life to the old mantra, “Less is more.” Taken together, the delightfully diminutive products,...

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