Cocktail Recipe: Jenkin’s Royal

The perfect summer spritzer for the dog days upon us

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

This refreshing cocktail makes perfect use of the leftover Cointreau that’s been hiding at the back of your bar since that last batch of margaritas! It is breezy, easy to sip and should be consumed surrounded by friends with a view of the water. Sailboat optional.

Jenkin’s Royal

Named for the downtown Mobile bar where, in post-Civil War 1867, a meeting was held to re-establish regattas between Mobile and New Orleans.

1 part Cointreau
2 parts Champagne or sparkling wine
3 parts soda water
ice to fill glass
sliced orange wheels, for garnish

Combine Cointreau, Champagne and soda in a rocks glass. Fill glass with ice and garnish with an orange wheel. Serve immediately.

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