Hit the High Seas!

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to do what south Alabamians do best— hit the water! launch that craft, crank the motor or set sail, depending on your preference. We’ve rounded up the gear you need for every watery outing.

beach bag and rope ready for a day on the boat
Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau // Styling by MB Editorial Staff

Lemon Jelly Splashy Bag in Mint $98 • The Holiday
Turkish-T Breeze Towels $36 Each • 7 South
Amsteel Blue 85’ Rope $2 • Fairhope boat company

Rock the Yacht 

Relax and escape the stress of life with gentle breezes, chilled wine and sophisticated surroundings — everything that makes boating life easy to enjoy!

Avalon Rattan Serving Tray $80 • Five Gold Monkeys
Native mineral sunscreen SPF 30 in coconut and pineapple $20 • Target 
Middle Bay Lighthouse Linen cocktail napkins $88 • Mobile Bay Magazine Shop
Juliska Acrylic Isabella Wine Glass $24 • the Ivy Cottage 
Rheos Nautical Eyewear Edistos Sunglasses in gunmetal $65 • Rheos eyewear
Geometric Tan and Black Scarf $15 • Chapel Farm Collection
Victoria Dunn Straw Woven Shoulder Bag in Camel $132 • The Holiday
Turkish-T Breeze Towels $36 Each • 7 South 
English Factory White Scalloped Shorts $80 • The Holiday
Hydroflask 24-oz Water Bottle in Blue $40 • Red Beard’s Outfitter

Reel in a Good Day

Cast off the dock, head out and hit the rigs. Tough gear and sun protection ensure you’ll bring home a cooler full of fish.

- Sponsors -

Peter Grimm UV Natural Hasselhoff Straw Hat $32 • Fairhope Boat Company 
GRIP6 Belt in Red  $39 • Red Beard’s Outfitter 
Avet Reels Pro EXW 50/2 Reel $750 • Tackle This, Shoot That
Yo-Zuri Bonita Color Change Lure $60 • Tackle This, Shoot That
MB Hugger $25 for Set of 6 • Mobile Bay Magazine Shop
MB Oyster Towel $55 • Mobile Bay Magazine Shop
Momoi Hi-Catch Nylon Monoline $65 • Tackle This, Shoot That
Hari Mari Dunes Flip Flop in Tan $60 • 7 South 
Blue Lizard Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 50+ $15 • Target
Neck Gaiter Cool Neck UV $24 • McCoy Outdoor Co. 
Rheos Nautical Eyewear Coopers Sunglasses in Gunmetal with Marine Lenses $65 •Rheos Eyewear

Hoist the Sails

Harness the wind and glide across Mobile Bay in classic style.

Chaco Chillos Water Shoe in Teal $50 • Red Beard’s Outfitter
Brumate Water Bottle in Cobalt Blue $28 • 7 South 
MOB Baseball Hat $35 • Red Beard’s Outfitter
Rheos Nautical Eyewear Waders Sunglasses in Tortoise and Gunmetal $65 • Rheos Eyewear
Field & Stream 20L Dry Bag in Blue $23 • Dick’s Sporting Goods
TASC Drawstring Weekender Shorts in Glacier Gray $68 • Red Beard’s Outfitter
Vintage Louis Vuitton Scarf in Blue Nautical Print $242 • Chapel Farm Collection 
Shiraleah Chicago Valencia Backpack $75 • The Holiday
Stohlquist Glide Thin Back Life Jacket in Mango $129 • Fairhope Boat Company
Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Face SPF 30 $19 • Target

Eyewear that Floats!

All the sunglasses in this shopping guide are made with boaters in mind! After losing too many expensive pairs overboard, a husband and wife duo in Charleston, South Carolina, developed a pair that floats. Now, when they aren’t out on the water, Rheos Eyewear is giving back to it. As a company, they vow to help protect the sandy shores and marshes that inspired the need for floating sunglasses in the first place.


7 South 7 S. Section St. Fairhope. 270-7298 
Chapel Farm Collection19130 Scenic Highway 98, Fairhope. 929-1630 
Fairhope Boat Company 702 N. Section St., Fairhope. 928-3417
Five Gold Monkeys 51 S. Section St., Fairhope • 517-7575.
4350 Old Shell Road, Mobile. 345-3380
Mccoy Outdoor Co. 3498 Springhill Ave. 473-1080 
Mobile Bay Magazine Shop mobilebayshop.com. 473-6269
Red Beard’s Outfitter 51 Kenneth St. 217-7466 
Rheos EyewearRheosgear.com
Tackle This, Shoot That 5256 Highway 90 West Service Road. 653-7707
The Holiday 4513 Old Shell Road. 342-4911 
The Ivy Cottage 9 Du Rhu Drive • 345-1731

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