Mobile Bay’s Top 10 Photos of 2019

Mobile Bay staffers share their favorite photos of the year.

Photo by Matthew Coughlin

8 Wooden Boats We Love, June 2019
“I wish this photo was scratch-n-sniff. Or a painting! The first time I saw it I gasped. I wish I was in the captain’s seat pushing away from the dock now. I’m a proud owner of a 1979 Stauter butt-nosed Cedar Point Special, and she needs some restoring before spring. This photo motivates me to get to work sanding and refinishing!” – Virginia Mathers, Production Director

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Fourth of July Party on the Wharf, July 2019
“Maybe it’s because I have a golden retriever of my own at home, but I think this picture of Hamp and Banks Lott (accompanied by owners Lucy Lott and Jennifer Lott) is the epitome of summer in the South. I feel like I can smell the photo through the screen: the warm breeze, the food on the wharf and of course, those adorable wet dogs!” – Abby Parrott, Web Producer

Photo by Matthew Coughlin

Meet the Grand Hotel’s Full-Time Resident, May 2019
“This photo of Patrick McDonald from our May issue is my favorite. I love to people-watch, and because the shot was taken through the window, I feel like I’m peeking into McDonald’s life. The warm interior contrasts beautifully with McDonald’s cool blue shirt, and his eyes cause me to linger and wonder about the stories he hides behind them.” – Amanda Hartin, Editorial Assistant

Photo by Summer Ennis Ansley

Peek Inside this Beachy Fixer-Upper, May 2019
“There have been so many amazing portraits and delicious food photos this year, but I just can’t stop thinking about this photo of Suzie Winston’s beach cottage in Josephine shot by Summer Ansley. I love the way Suzie layered color and pattern, expensive things with bargains, and that house has truly inspired me to redecorate my own house. I need a dose of that wallpaper in my life! Summer captured such beautiful light, especially considering it was storming outside that day!” – Maggie Lacey, Executive Editor

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Photo by Matthew Coughlin

Inside the Lines at Sage Park, March 2019
“I’ve always loved this photograph because it really captures the thing that drew us to Sage Park in the first place. Pickup basketball games, especially when played at an intersection as busy as Dauphin Street and Sage Avenue, take on a bit of a theatrical element — action! drama! victory! defeat! This image, with the row of cars in traffic on Dauphin (likely watching the action) and the sun shining down like the spotlight during a stage performance, tells much of the story before a single word is written.” – Breck Pappas, Staff Writer

Photo by Matthew Coughlin

They Call the Captain Hollywood, October 2019
“Photographer Matt Coughlin always nails these portraits. Local legend Captain Hollywood, profiled by Sonny Brewer, is a character with stories for days. This photo tells me the Captain has a fascinating history with a little splash of mischief.” – Stephen Potts, Assistant Publisher

Photo by Kathy Hicks

Dauphin Island’s Shifting Sands, May 2019
“One click of the shutter captured the essence of the statement ‘the only thing constant in life is change.’ It is an amazingly beautiful and emotionally powerful picture.” – Joe Hyland, Senior Account Executive

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Cocktail Recipe: The Pink Pineapple, May 2019
“This photo represents everything I love about summer! Playa is one of my favorite beach restaurants, and this picture transports me there.” – Anna Pavao, Account Executive

Photo by Matthew Coughlin

Lacrosse Gains Traction on the Gulf Coast, August 2019
“I picked this photo not only because it’s of my son Owen, but because I was so happy to have a photo of him taken by a photographer who has shot some of the biggest NFL and NBA stars for brands like Under Armour, Oakley and more. What a cool opportunity for Owen and a big score for his mom!” – Laurie Kilpatrick, Art Director

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Make it a Mobile Bay Christmas, December 2019
“Warm joy and thankful feelings fill my soul as I look upon the December cover photo. Photographer Elizabeth Gelineau truly captured the essence of our Bay area Christmastime with the simplicity of subject matter. That simplicity reminds me what we need to truly celebrate the Christmas season is a grateful heart and giving spirit.” – Jennifer Ray, Account Executive

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