Mobile Bay’s Top 10 Stories of 2020

According to the analytics, these are the stories our readers couldn't get enough of.

An aerial view of Pirates Cove, situated at the mouth of Robert’s Bayou. Photo by Micdesigns,

1. “The History of Pirates Cove,” August 2020
There’s no way to tell the whole story of the rowdy beach bar and fabled dive, but its owners, employees and longtime regulars prove that it sure is fun to try. Text by Breck Pappas

2. “In Search of the Last Stauter,” July 2020
We set out to solve a core mystery of the Stauter-built legacy: Who owns the last boat built by Lawrence Stauter on the Causeway? Text by Breck Pappas

3. “Get to Know Boaty Campbell,” June 2020
This fireman, fisherman and homebuilder has plenty of stories to tell. Text by Breck Pappas

4. “La Louisianne on Dog River,” March 2020
Two Louisiana transplants bring the vernacular of the river parishes to the architecture of their new home in south Mobile. Text by Maggie Lacey

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5. “Once Along the Bay,” June 2020
Horse racing, an outdoor movie theater, a roller coaster — and incredible Bay views — are a few things we’re missing. Text by Dr. Allen Perkins and Frank Daugherty

6. “Sitting Down with Blackberry Farm’s Kreis Beall,” April 2020
Kreis Beall, cofounder and creative force behind Blackberry Farm, lived a beautiful and inspiring life, but a series of devastating personal losses led her to turn inward for the first time. Text by Eleanor Inge Baker

7. “Mystic Restoration,” February 2020
A partnership between the 1857 Foundation and a local, prominent mystic society allowed for the full restoration of one of downtown Mobile’s beloved architectural old dames. Text by Eleanor Inge Baker

8. “Eugene B. Sledge and Mobile: 75 Years After ‘The War,'” August 2020
Mobilian Eugene Sledge is recognized the world over as a USMC combat veteran of World War II, but there is even more to know, and admire, about “Ugin” of Georgia Cottage. Text by Aaron Trehub

9. “7 Best Burgers You’ve Never Had,” August 2020
Venture off the beaten path to try some of the most underrated burgers on both sides of the Bay. Text by Breck Pappas

10. “Keeper of the Zoo,” July 2020
The story of “The Little Zoo That Could” proves that with the right support — and the right people — life’s storms can be surmountable. Text by Amanda Hartin

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