Recipe: The Hope Farm’s Mushroom Toast

Recreate the Fairhope restaurant's popular appetizer at home.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Recipe from The Hope Farm in Fairhope

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon garlic, chopped 
1 teaspoon shallots, chopped
1/4 cup white wine
3 cups mushrooms, mixed varieties
1 cup vegetable stock
2 teaspoons thyme, chopped
1/3 cup butter
1/4 cup heirloom tomatoes, blistered*
3 pieces sliced sourdough bread, grilled in olive oil

1. Heat a large saute pan and add olive oil, garlic and shallots. Saute until golden brown, then add wine to the pan. Simmer until all alcohol has evaporated.
2. Add mushrooms, vegetable stock and thyme. Bring to a simmer and let reduce slightly. Add butter and allow to melt and combine with the pan sauce.
3. Add blistered tomatoes and toss lightly. Remove from heat and serve on grilled sourdough. Serves 2

* Blistered tomatoes are quickly sauteed in olive oil over high heat until they burst and char slightly.

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