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Tag: June 2011

Shrimp salad wraps

Lunch at the Farm

Lower Alabama celebrity-in-residence Lucy Buffett shares some of her favorite easy, breezy recipes for a light summer meal at her country house.

Ask McGehee: Magnolia Manor

 In June 1931, the homeowner, local defense attorney Foster Kirksey Hale Jr., was gunned down by his former mistress in his St. Michael Street office. “Two...

Sandwich Shopping

John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, was a man of many great accomplishments, most notably inventing the sandwich. Nowadays, sandwiches still gather fame through name.And...

Summer Party Perfection

“Cooking and sharing food and fellowship is just natural for me, ” says Debra Blackburn. “My grandmother, Ella Hill, instilled in me the ‘food equals love’ concept...

Hike, Bike & Paddle

The Gulf of Mexico has been in our faces so long we’ve become myopic. We don’t even focus on other nearby waterways. It’s time to dip a paddle, ...

Beer Hopping

You can almost smell the hoppy, malty aroma on the Bay breeze. Is your mouth watering in anticipation? Eastern Shore watering holes can quench the craving with intriguing...

Restaurant Review: Dragonfly Foodbar

Dragonfly Foodbar feels casual, but their cutting edge menu features creative, flavorful food from an array of cultures.

Spotlight on Jason Smith

The Gulf Coast’s finicky weather may be a challenge to predict, but Jason Smith takes the high pressure in stride. The native Mobilian, who graduated from Ole...

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