Restaurant Review: Mediterranean Sandwich Co.

Chicken Funghi sandwich from Mediterranean Sandwich Co.
Photo by Elise Poché

It is not just sandwiches that keep food fans coming back to the Mediterranean Sandwich Co. — it’s also tasty side dishes, soups and salads. “All our customers are regulars, because once you come, you come back, ” says owner Vlad Moldoveanu. The ultra-casual downtown restaurant, on bustling Dauphin Street, offers limited seating and equally limited decor. But the fare is fabulous, filling and quite nicely priced, with everything on the menu less than $7.

Moldoveanu, originally from Romania, takes pride in saying there is no microwave in the restaurant. Everything is prepared fresh to order, and he doesn’t serve fries. You can get chips if you choose, but opt instead for stellar sides, such as the popular tomato-spinach orzo, the delightfully smoky bacon carbonara orzo, the garden vegetable jasmine rice, or a cup of homemade soup. All are staples on the fall-winter menu. When the weather really warms up, from June through September, Moldoveanu’s lighter lineup features chilled soups, cold pasta salads and wraps.

Classic Mediterranean items on the menu include a gyro; The Chicken Funghi, above; hummus; tzatziki; and Greek salad — all done well — along with several creative, internationally inspired sandwich combinations. (The Italian Job is a favorite.) For a vegetarian selection, try the delicious falafel burger. Baklava is offered for dessert. Water and soft drinks are available, but the shop is alcohol-free. A trio of sidewalk tables offers a rare downtown opportunity to dine alfresco.

On the Menu

Goat and Boursin Cheese Tart
A toothsome combination of creamy, crunchy, sweet and savory. Warm pita wedges, slathered with lush cheese and fresh herbs, are capped with balsamic onion marmalade and a sprinkling of toasted almonds.

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Tomato-Spinach Orzo
Rich, creamy orzo pasta is laden with fresh spinach. A must-have as a side dish, or order a bowl for a hearty vegetarian entrée.

Goat and Boursin Cheese Salad
Roasted mushrooms and red peppers, citrus segments, toasted almonds and a generous amount of Boursin and goat cheese rest atop a large bed of greens, tossed with a citrus vinaigrette.

The Italian Job
Black olive pesto mayonnaise accents tender strips of chicken, roasted red peppers and smoky, melted Provolone cheese. Warm, stone-toasted flatbread wraps the goodness together.

Mediterranean Sandwich Co. • 274 Dauphin St. 545-3161.

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