Top 10: Ask McGehee

Brush up on your local history with a collection of our favorite 'Ask McGehee' columns.

The Bankhead Tunnel, as seen in the 1950s, with its now-removed toll booths.

Bankhead Tunnel Toll
Did you know the Bankhead Tunnel had a toll booth up until 1973? Read the Story

Remember Constantine’s, a legend of Mobile’s dining scene that opened in July 1934. Read the Story

Quarantine Station
A quarantine station, designed to protect the United States “from the invasion of tropical diseases,” was established on Dauphin Island for the port of Mobile in 1882. Read the Story

Old Providence Hospital
Take a look at the storied history of the Spring Hill Avenue building that used to house Providence Hospital. Read the Story

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High Heeled Shoes
Did you know that, once upon a time, fashion-conscious Mobilians had to apply for a permit in order to wear high heels? Read the Story

John Fowler
A fair share of mystery still surrounds Mobile inventor John Fowler, who is said to have taken to the air before the Wright Brothers’ legendary flight. Read the Story

Panama Canal
By taking the fight to the mosquito and diminishing cases of yellow fever in Panama, one Mobilian is largely credited with helping the Panama Canal become a reality. Read the Story

Before “drink local” meant supporting one of Mobile’s handful of breweries, it meant sipping Fosko, the city’s own “winey” soft drink. Read the Story

Cheese Cottage History
The building that now houses The Cheese Cottage held many identities in its heydey on “Auto Alley.” Read the Story

The Cannon
You’ve driven by it hundreds of times, but do you know the history of the cannon at Government and Houston streets? Read the Story

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