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Elyzabeth Wilder

Elyzabeth Wilder

In a Pickle

On Thursday nights, you can find Sheridan Hinton standing over an indoor turkey fryer at Haberdasher bar in downtown Mobile. Inside are her fresh and fried-to-order hand pies....

Graciousness and Gusto

When I first call to talk with Jean Stimpson, the wife of recently elected mayor, Sandy Stimpson, she asks if she can call me back;...

The Night Before Lundi Gras

'Twas the eve of Lundi Gras, when all through the house We were busy preparing to mourn our dead...

Return to De Tonti Square

Business owners and new residents alike have restored the downtown historic neighborhood to its former glory.

Spirit on the River

Molly’s family’s houseboat  wasn’t as nice as the other boats docked in the cove just off Fowl River, but for the entirety of her 7 years, ...


In the South we tell stories. The ones that we find most compelling, those that as children we begged to hear again and again, are universal...

Baldwin County Treasures

Known for its lush farmland, manicured golf courses, quaint towns and beautiful beaches, Baldwin County is rich with resources. But if you’re willing to travel...

Sisterhood of the Bay

When you live on the Gulf Coast, all five of your senses are indulged daily: the feel of sand between your toes, the sound of seagulls,...

Yuletide Nights

Living on the Gulf Coast, we cannot always depend on the cool nip of autumn to signal the approach of the holidays. Instead, we take our...

Pickling a Pickled Pepper

There was a time when most every home had a pantry lined with brightly colored Ball jars. Before refrigeration, people relied on canning to preserve rations that...

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