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John Sledge

John Sledge

Journey of a Linguistic Ace

Lightning on the page. That’s Rick Bragg. Raw talent like his can’t be taught. It’s innate, ingrained in the genes, as natural and bracing as an Appalachian spring. But...

Journey of a Native Son

I first encountered Frye Gaillard on the page. It was some 15 years ago, during a somnolent Mobile afternoon, typically muggy after a summer thundershower, ...

Our Environmental Protector

Bill Finch is our own John Muir. Often atop a bicycle, and instantly recognizable with his long, graying blond hair, “fin-de-siècle” beard and jaunty cap,...

Southern Spirit

My first impulse upon finishing Edward O. Wilson and Alex Harris’ delightful new book, “Why We Are Here: Mobile and the Spirit of a Southern City, ”...

Port City Street Cred

Mobile’s colorful history can be read in its street names. But these beloved and distinctive monikers, some going back three centuries, often lead to confusion. Out-of-towners and tourists look puzzled and...

The Bridges of Mobile County

Mobile is a watery place. Besides Mobile Bay and the Mobile River Delta, which constitute the county’s eastern border, and the Mississippi Sound, its southern,...

Architectural Timeline

To travel from the Mobile River west through our fair city is to experience an architectural timeline, featuring the succeeding periods and moods of Gulf Coast domestic building...

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