Lawren Largue


Restaurant Review: Charming Teacup

   It’s positively brilliant, dahling! Ladies of all ages will go gaga for Point Clear’s Downton Abbey-style dining experience in a quaint, historic cottage by the...

Greetings from Dauphin Island

Time stands still on the tiny barrier island situated right smack dab between the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. Rediscover the laid-back charm of its favorite old hangouts, and explore other lesser-known treasures there that you never knew existed.

Bravo for “Braveau”

What would summer be without an adventure or two? For a heart-pounding yet delightful experience from the comfort of a theater armchair, be sure to catch “Braveau, ”...

The Naturally Strong Challenge

4:20 a.m. comes mighty early for Nonie Taul. While the rest of her family remains quietly nestled in bed, this 34-year-old mama downs not one, but two cups of coffee....

Regal Glory

Let bridal garb from centuries of celebrated monarchs — from Marie Antoinette to Princess Kate and even Jackie O. — inspire your wedding day ensemble.

Nature's Majesty

Spence Harrison has an eye for eagles. The avid wildlife photographer has been observing and capturing images of a local pair of Haliaeetus leucocephalus (or bald eagles) for more than...

Double Vision

          Mike, Judson, Michael + Richard Sanders Brothers Mike Sanders and Judson Sanders say that they have grown to look more alike...

We Need a Little Christmas

True,  it feels more like Easter than Christmas around the Gulf Coast right about now (unless you typically celebrate Yuletide in New Zealand). But good news for those who...

Quest Accomplished

It’s been a long time coming! Like the ebb and flow of the waters that it celebrates, the GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico has...

Neat & Tidy

Old Mobile architecture is undoubtedly stately and impressive – except when it comes to closet and storage space. “But, small spaces don’t have to mean cramped spaces, ”...

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