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Lawren Largue

Lawren Largue

Awash in Color

Bright decor ideas reinvigorate a light and breezy bay house.

Swept Away

   ABOVE LEFT A shell boutonniere, wrapped in turquoise satin ribbon (Fabric Works) and accented with faux yellow coral and pearls, is a creative DIY option. ABOVE  RIGHT To play up...

Southern Snow

Oh, the weather round here is muggy. No, you’re not going to need that Snuggie. But just crank the AC down low. And make it snow, make...

Sideline Snacks

It’s time to get in the zone! This week, that well-worn team flag reappears out of storage and resumes its place of honor on the front...

Grown-Up Superheroes

Some are arachnids-in-disguise who swoop to and fro between towering skyscrapers to rescue redheaded damsels in distress. Some boast bodies of steel and soar among the clouds, battling to...

Model Home

First impressions are important. Just ask Nicole and Dean Waite. Funny enough, their love story began with a 2001 issue of Mobile Bay Magazine. Dean had graced the cover...

The Rebecca Diaries

Certain songs have a way of making a girl want to dance in a field of daisies and then sit for a spell, picking apart the flower while...

A Nest by the Sea

For years, just as the chilly frost of Old Man Winter made its first appearance on their Baltimore doorstep, Sandy Clarke and her late husband, Bede,...

Downtown Sizing

Lucy Cope was ready for a change. It was a transition that would put her living right smack in the middle of the action of Downtown Mobile, alongside the...

Confectioners’ Construction

No matter the season, Lydia Houck knows how to create a fabulous home and entertain with ease. Every year, for the holidays, the interior designer...

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