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Recipe: Tomato Pie

Because it wouldn't be summer in the South without tomato pie...

Recipe: Snapper with Skillet Corn and Summer Crab Salad

Whether you prefer to head offshore and catch your prize, or simply pick it up at a local seafood market, red snapper season has arrived in South Alabama and dinner plates everywhere are rejoicing!

Cocktail Recipe: Cucumber Gin and Tonic

Bright and bubbly with the cool scent of cucumber, this gin and tonic will set your spirits right at the end of a hot summer day.

Recipe: Blueberry Buckle

You gotta do something with all those fresh-picked blueberries...

Recipe: Sheet Pan Fajitas

Take the mess out of the equation with this easy no-fuss family dinner idea.

How to Move a Meyer Lemon

A Mobile woman with an incredibly green thumb grows — and shares — a seasonal bounty, no matter where she puts down roots.

Cocktail Recipe: Smoky Dove

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a refreshing cocktail. A little mezcal keeps it interesante.

Cocktail Recipe: Slippery Otter

Get a little taste of summer with this Bahamas-inspired drink.

Sunset Supper

Plop down in the sand for a sunset dinner designed to complement outdoorsy days.

Recipe of the Week: Lima Beans & Rice

An easy weeknight meal that will put that stock of canned goods to good use

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