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Tag: August 2011

Spotlight on Pam McRae

When Pam McRae’s daughter made the Azalea Trail Court, the proud mother had no idea how her life would change. Thirty years later, she is still sewing...

Ask McGehee: “Dixey” Shipwreck

“Dixey” is the correct spelling. It comes from an ill-fated clipper ship, the Robert H. Dixey, which was launched from Boston in 1855. The ship was...

Restaurant Review: Old 27 Grill

William Stitt is counting on 27 to be his lucky number. His new restaurant, Old 27 Grill, is on old County Road 27 (now state Highway 181)....

Mobile's Valentine's Night Massacre

First published in February 1991, Mobile BayA winter hard as the times had Mobile by the collar and a sliver of moon hung in a brilliant night sky...

Making Sweet Music

It was a boat that led Glenn deGruy, above, to his current profession. In 1969, the Mobile native repaired a 32-foot wooden ketch sailboat in Pass...

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