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Up in North Mobile

In recent years, outsiders have struggled to label North Mobile County. Is it the new West Mobile? The new Eastern Shore? For those living in Mobile’s northern suburbs, neither of...

What You Didn’t Know About NoMo

Pump that Saved Chickasaw Visitors do double takes driving past Chickasaw’s monument to a pump engine. But folks here are proud of the candy-apple red, minivan-sized 40-ton...

The Azalea City

To understand Mobile, it’s important to understand the azalea.

Mobile Ironwork

In 1864, in response to protests from the Mobile Daily Register for better illumination Downtown, the City of Mobile erected more than 200 cast-iron lampposts. Despite years...

Ordering the Myths and Facts

Organized into three brief parts to make it accessible even for those who don’t normally like reading histories, Ann Pond’s new books cover the origins of the Carnival...

Coastal Clay

It’s under our feet. It’s on the roofs of our houses. It’s the foundation of an ancient mound city in the Delta, and it’s a modern construction material....

The Amazing Life of Agnes Tennenbaum

“When we would come home from the factory, from working, we fell asleep easier if I told them a story, ” Agnes Tennenbaum shares in her small...

Schoolyard Rivalry

It’s easily the most intense college football rivalry in the country — Auburn vs. Alabama. And if you live in the Heart of Dixie, which team you support matters...

That Friday Night

Exactly 50 years later, players and fans from both sides relive the titanic clash between football powerhouses Murphy and Vigor. Text by Hanlon Walsh ...

Quiz: Where Should You Tie the Knot?

Choosing a venue is likely to be the single most important wedding decision you’ll make (besides choosing the groom, of course!). Take this quiz to help determine your wedding style and which local venue is the perfect fit for your big day.

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