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Tag: Outdoors

The Longleaf Regeneration

A hundred years ago, it fell on Mobile and Fairhope, on Bay Minette and Citronelle, like a seventh-year gift from heaven, and we were ready...

Natural Selections: Colaptes auratus

Whether it’s referring to a woodpecker, football chant or cocktail, the term “yellowhammer” is synonymous with the state of Alabama. Since becoming an official state emblem in...

September, When Butterflies Are Free

In September, the sullen green of Gulf Coast Summer suddenly waves with purple and gold, blue and orange, wildflowers rising to meet butterflies, flowers visited by flowers....

Peas Be With You

Once, we all shelled peas. It was one of the few activities that could unite this contentious confederacy that we call the South. Democrats and Republicans, ...

Night in the Tropics

The days are hard enough, but Lord, the nights. The sleepless nights, when the bed feels hot and close, and your legs ache, and...

A Twist of Daffodils

Her garden was like her proud Victorian house, overcast with the erect, old willow oaks that lined the streets of Tyler Hill, laid out with wide...

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