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Tag: September 2013

The First and Last Picture Show

Nearly 90 years ago, a young, idealistic lawyer realized his dream of opening a theater. Some may have considered the enterprise an optimist’s folly. After all,...

Sounds of Italy

Giuseppe Verdi, a famed native Parmesan and one of the most influential 19th-century Romantic opera composers, once said, “You may have the universe if I...

Mobile in the Movies

With a commanding “Quiet on the movie set! Cameras rolling, ” all eyes are on Mobile’s Al Stokes. In real life, he is Chief of Staff...

Seen But Not Heard

The excitement is electric in downtown Mobile. Standing before a frenzied press, flashing cameras and waving microphones, Paul Maguire makes an exciting announcement. But it’s not...

Center Stage

Mobile Ballet The lush and lavish season opens Nov. 2 with “Stars of the American Ballet, ” which brings principal dancers and soloists from the New York...

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