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Amber Franklin

Amber Franklin

Rustic Romance

European sophistication amid the backdrop of Baldwin County’s gorgeous countryside is ideal for an intimate daytime gathering. Blend country casual with French finery using rich jewel tones and delicate gold details amid towering oak trees on your special day.

Niceties & Notes

After the showers, parties and wedding excitement have died down and the sandy honeymoon suitcases have returned home, the happy couple has one big to-do waiting for them...

Nacho Nirvana

1. BIGGER AND BETTER Chip in with a crowd for OK Bicycle Shop’s smoked duck appetizer, left. This mountain of crispy tortillas comes slathered with jack cheese, pickled...

Just Wing It

1. GET BAKED Island Wing Company, the newest joint to open in Mobile, preps their wings a little differently: They’re baked instead of fried. No grease and...

You Pick

Eating healthy never tasted so good. For a day of family fun, stroll through these pick-your-own gardens and gather your own farm fresh fruits and vegetables. ...

Guilt-free Gourmet

Eating healthy. When you hear this phrase, what comes to mind? Calories? Carbs? The doughnut you’d like to be eating instead? Although the definition is different for...

5 Unique Wedding Reception Venues

The Bay area is home to a number of reception venues – the beautiful Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, the History Museum of Mobile and the stately Althestan Club, ...

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