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Tag: Art

Spotlight: Artist Brandon Finnorn

A Mobile native talks deep sea fishing, artistic inspiration and the decision to go from prescription pad to paint palette.

Get to Know Fairhope Artist Pinky Bass

Artistic photographer Pinky Bass takes viewers through the pinhole and beyond, into a world of constant exploration and creativity.

Q&A with Artist Sarah Otts

The story behind Sarah Otts’ new book for children

Earth, Fire and Community

An artist passionate about woodfiring creates a sense of camaraderie in Fairhope.

A Closer Look

Colleen Comer asks Mobile native and Los Angeles-based Kathryn Andrews to demystify the contemporary art world, from one artist to another.

The Serenity of Chris Knight

ABOVE Sunset Point: “It is hard to paint a sunset that doesn’t look jarring, but I think I was able to suggest the changing light with the...

Welcome to the Land of Ardithian

Navigating our way to Ardith Goodwin’s painting studio in Semmes proved quite a challenge. Without a street address, we followed landmarks and over-the-phone directions until we pulled up...

Trio: Words, Vision and Sound

Painting by Erin Gregory   The world is full of people...

6 Local Artists You Should Know

Margaret Brown LIFE THROUGH A LENS Growing up in Mobile as a songwriter’s daughter, documentarian Margaret Brown never heard the words, “You can’t.” Hoping she...

Flying Sparks

As I arrive at Frank Ledbetter’s Theodore art gallery, I’m captivated by the massive stainless steel eagle standing out front. I’ve seen it before, sitting unfinished on a...

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