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Ask McGehee: What’s the history of the Catholic Church that is closed on Springhill...

St. Joseph’s Church was dedicated in 1908 and has been vacant since 2018. The parish itself has a much longer history, however.

Weekend Getaways for Spring 2021

Everyone could use a vacation right now. Check out these eight safe and convenient spots, perfect for a weekend getaway.

A Spring Hill Home Built for Entertaining

When two hospitable hearts collide, the resulting home becomes a haven for hosting.


In the days before city livin’ crept up Old Shell Road, childhood mischief was king of the hill.

Spring Hill's Eleven

Campus ambassadors at Spring Hill College have a little joke they like to toss out while touring prospective students around the school. “Our athletics...

Views from the Hill Top

During the early 19th century, in an effort to escape the humidity of the Mobile River and the yellow fever epidemic that came with...

Flashback: Lee Harvey Oswald Visits Spring Hill

Torpedoed on national television by Dallas strip bar owner, former Chicago hood Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 24, 1963...

Ask McGehee: What is the history of the median on Spring Hill Avenue?

There has been a median on Spring Hill Avenue since at least 1860 when Col. Lorenzo Madison Wilson incorporated the Mobile and Spring...
Old black and white photo of Tuthill Lane

Ask McGehee: What is the story behind Tuthill Lane in Spring Hill?

Tuthill Lane earned its name from George Augustus Tuthill who paid $500 for a 5-acre lot on the northwest corner of Old Shell Road in 1849.

Helen Ross Bender & Alexander Carleton Bailey Jr. 

Helen and Alec were united in marriage at St. Joseph Chapel at Spring Hill College on April 15, 2023.

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