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Ellis Metz

Ellis Metz

A Bar Pilot's Guide to LoDa

Whether you’re looking for a secluded night cap or a night-long rager, Mobile’s entertainment district has you covered. And while everybody may not know your name, they’ll...

Talk Soup

On Cooking Trends Blohme: What I love about this group, whether it was by hook or crook, is we’re not here talking about whatever the newest...

Hightailing Pigeons

Tom Spyrka leads a life not unlike most retirees. He visits his grandchildren when he can. He keeps his front yard neatly manicured and his backyard full of...

The Evolut10n of AJ

The rumors you’ve heard about AJ McCarron are probably true. Those who know the 23-year-old Mobile native will tell you he is a mama’s boy. He remains unashamed of...

Let the Record Show

Joe Gilchrist bought the Flora-Bama exactly 35 spring breaks ago, which seems like the most fitting way to measure time here on the Alabama-Florida line. This location used to...

Missing the Boat

Dear City of Mobile officials, please consider these suggestions for converting Downtown’s cruise terminal into a moneymaker.

March Madness (Or Something Like It)

Not known as a parading society, the Athelstan Club’s members nevertheless circled Bienville Square in a stream of Chevrolet Z71 Tahoes as the Tuesday sun was setting. It was...

Advantage Mobile

At a Dauphin Street dive bar recently, I stood tableside and watched my buddy close out yet another pool victory. Eight ball, side pocket. His opponent...

Losing the Last Appomattox

The house is for sale today, listed on the market next to any starter home in Midtown or split-level ranch in a school zone off Rangeline Road:...

Blood Sport Unwrapped

The nose is the first place to find signs of a fighter’s past, and Jack Tillman’s runs straighter than the streets of downtown Mobile. His bridge runs...

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