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Emmett Burnett


Match Day

Everything is on the line for a group of students about to begin the next phase of their careers, and it all culminates one Friday in March with the opening of a small white envelope.

Aw, Shucks!

Almost a decade later, the humble, reigning oyster-eating champ recalls downing heaps of bivalves at Wintzell’s.

Semmes: City of New Growth

For some outsiders, this western Mobile County municipality is simply known for two things: Highway 98 and nurseries. Indeed, both are key. But a quick trip revealed this little town has much more to offer.

Mobile’s Own Mount Rushmore

Suppose Mobile carved out its own version of the famed U.S. landmark. Which public figures’ faces would rock it out on the mountaintop?

Driving the Ducks

Captaining a World War II Army surplus amphibious vehicle is not your average day job. Ride along with Gulf Coast Ducks and the brave souls who pilot the double splashdown.

Bounty of Baldwin

Farming is a tough way to make a living, but for these folks working the land — many of them fourth- or fifth-generation farmers — the fields of Baldwin County are the only places they want to be.

Down in the Bayou

Bayou La Batre is a less-traveled hub of industry and family charm, with miles of history and tradition to discover.

It’s in the Cards

Mobile’s most famous tarot card reader holds our future in her hands.

The Doctor is In

Meet the scientist behind Alabama’s oyster farming movement, a transplant from up east who has made his mark down south.

Welcome to Wildcat Nation

Citronelle THE LAND OF HEALING WATERS // CURRENT POPULATION: 3, 905 Ask Citronelle locals for the best way to experience their town, and the answer is...

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