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Emmett Burnett

Emmett Burnett

Off the Menu

Shrimp sauce-covered steak sounds like music to the mouth, but don’t look for it on a menu. Like an album’s hidden bonus track, this entree is...

Dauphin Island Revival

Dauphin Island is a land of piney woods, saltwater waves, a Civil War fort and zero Burger Kings. Here, there are no high-rise condos. In fact,...

50 things You Didn’t Know About the Port City

1Hail to the Chief. Mobile’s first five mayors were called presidents. They were appointed, not elected.2More presidents, more hail. Five U.S. Heads of State — Theodore Roosevelt,...

A Mollusk’s Life

Ralph Atkins II oversees a kingdom by the sea. The world may not be his oyster, but oysters are his world. “It’s all I know how to do,...

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