What to Do

Pure Rejuvenation

Going to a casino to detoxify? That didn’t sound right. Most times, I leave the casino quite toxified. But at Atmore’s Wind Creek Resort, Escape,...

Delight in the Details

There is, of course, that magnificent shore: 2, 500 feet of unblemished white sand, protected dunes and Gulf-green waters. Been there. Love that! But a...

Spotlight on Pam McRae

When Pam McRae’s daughter made the Azalea Trail Court, the proud mother had no idea how her life would change. Thirty years later, she is still sewing...

Beachside Bliss

As I turn onto Destin’s Scenic Highway 98, a sense of calm overwhelms me, and subconsciously my speed limit lowers to a hermit crab’s pace. A rainbow...

Fairhope After Hours

Some may think “nightlife” and “Fairhope” do not belong in the same sentence. It’s a common myth that the sidewalks in this small town roll up at 5 p.m.This...

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