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Madame Octavia LeVert’s Salon of the South

The rise and fall of a Mobile icon.

Saving Washington’s Mount Vernon

One of Mobile's grand dames of yesteryear played an integral role in preserving the home of our founding father, an effort that continues today.

Artist Spotlight: Marian Acker Macpherson

Mobile artist Marian Acker Macpherson, known for her fanciful maps and ornate etchings of historic structures, was a fixture of her city’s social and creative circles for over half a century.

Those Rare Mobile Winters

Mobile has four seasons, wags say – early summer, middle summer, late summer and January. By this calculus, February shouldn’t...

An Estate for the Ages

"Nothing exceeds like excess, ” says Charles Parmenter, “Downton Abbey” enthusiast, as his cell phone rings out the period drama’s opening score. It’s not...

Boogie on the Bay

Cicero, the Roman author and philosopher (106 - 43 B.C) noted: “No sober person dances.” Cicero would have been right at...

Ask McGehee: Who was Sidney McCall?

Over its long history, Mobile has established a reputation for producing talented and successful writers.  As the 19th century progressed, there...

This vs That

Bay Minette vs. Daphne WINNER: Bay Minette When Daphne refused to cede its county seat title to Bay Minette, as...

How to be a Mobile Bay Lady

China Cabinet Essentials Every proper Mobile Bay hostess ought to own a set of pearls and a fully stocked china hutch.  Here’s...

Mobile and Havana: Sisters Across the Gulf

A new book is bringing photography and history together to highlight a unique connection.

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