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Tag: December 2014

Ask McGehee

There has been a St. Mary Church at the southwestern corner of Lafayette Street and Old Shell Road since just after the end of the Civil War. Mule-drawn trolley...

Natural Selections: Trichechus manatus

These smart, sleepy and curious creatures are the happiest 1, 000 pounds you’ll ever see. Watch out for them on the Gulf, as they’re liable to swim...

Goodness and Light

Johannah and Ty Bullard’s Oakleigh home is decked in simple yet chic holiday glory, setting the tone for a heartwarming Christmas at home with their three excited little boys.

Celebration Chic

   LUXE TEXTILES A fitted, knee-length skirt pairs beautifully with a simple ivory sweater. Dress the look up or down for a night out or brunch. On Nicole: Fitted knee length leather skirt (Blaque Label,...

Reach for the Sky

As a child growing up in Mobile, Catherine Hicks watched Pixar’s “Toy Story, ” never considering she would one day help make one of its sequels. The St....

Where Winter is Robin’s Spring

If you get a chance, ask all those Michigan birds why they’re loitering in your yard and on your beaches this December. You might look down your...

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