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Tag: June 2013

Spotlight: Seth Peden & Fairhope Boy Scouts of America Troop 47

Given today’s fast-paced youth culture, the need for instilling values such as leadership, trustworthiness and self-reliance has never been greater. The Boy Scouts of America are...

15 Top Local Eats

Fairhope Inn (Fairhope) You don’t have to travel to a metropolitan area to find sophisticated fine dining. A world-class chef is serving top-notch cuisine just down the road at the Fairhope...

Missing the Boat

Dear City of Mobile officials, please consider these suggestions for converting Downtown’s cruise terminal into a moneymaker.

Princess Aerial

I grew up in Fairhope. My grandfather, Craig Sheldon (carpenter, writer, activist), started building his storybook castle in the 1940s, and after my...

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