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Jill Clair Gentry

Jill Clair Gentry

Holiday Melting Pot

Our gumbo roots run deep along the Gulf Coast, and the time-honored dish is often a welcoming wintertime staple.

Take It Outside

The ultimate roundup of café patios, courtyards and decks where you can enjoy the crisp fall weather while dining al fresco

Restaurant Review: Meat Boss

From humble roots comes a celebration of Southern flavor.

Small-Town Tours

Magnolia Springs Located between Fairhope and Foley just off U.S. Highway 98, this Mayberry-esque village maintains 600 residents, one restaurant, one hotel and the only...

Restaurant Review: Soul Heaven Cafe

Sometimes, the best restaurants are those little places connected to gas stations. You know the ones: They’re always packed with cars, suggesting a cult-like following and unexpectedly...

Fighting Chance

My self-defense experience started with seven pounds and a bad dream.  I know where the seven pounds came from, but I’m not sure about the dream, ...

Restaurant Review: Miss D’s Restaurant & Lounge

If you’ve ever traveled to another country, you’ve probably sought out authentic restaurants and found that the spots most exemplifying the culture and cuisine are those no-frills, ...

Fields of Feasting

   ABOVE LEFT At the Nov. 9 Moveable Feast, lengthy tables are nestled among the certified organic blueberry bushes at Weeks Bay Plantation in Fairhope. Guests enjoyed five...

Homemade to Go

Soccer practice. Ballet. Working late. Reasons vary, but many families simply don’t have time to prepare a homemade meal every night. Some get up early to make slow-cooker...

Passport to Flavor

Mobile is much more diverse than one might expect to find in the Deep South. People from all over the world move here to study at local universities, ...

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