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Night in the Tropics

The days are hard enough, but Lord, the nights. The sleepless nights, when the bed feels hot and close, and your legs ache, and...

Nestled Away

Amidst the natural beauty of Magnolia Springs, an estate’s rustic details and comfortable furnishings create a relaxed atmosphere for a young couple and their son.

A Twist of Daffodils

Her garden was like her proud Victorian house, overcast with the erect, old willow oaks that lined the streets of Tyler Hill, laid out with wide...

Style Meets Sippy Cups

Don’t let this beautiful home with a modern edge fool you. The designer look is perfectly family friendly.

Natural Selections: Plecia Nearctica (Lovebugs)

First described in the year 1940, the amorous flies entered Louisiana ports as unidentified passengers on a ship from Central America and spent the rest of the...

Eyeing the Sparrow

In the weeks before my father’s March 2001 passing, he began jotting notes about his Port City boyhood and love of natural history. Tentatively titled “Recollections of...

Down the Garden Path

In a shady neighborhood just off Cottage Hill Road, Joe and Penny Adamo have created a hillside natural sanctuary that effortlessly merges vegetation and art. Even so, it is...

Space Upgrade

Tip 1 Embrace the POW! “This client has wonderful taste and is not afraid of color, ” Rogers says. “She was simply thrilled when I specified the orange leather ottoman....

Gardening Gurus

Retail Only Sell exclusively to the general public A Bloom Landscape & Garden Center • 116 Alverson Rd N. 633-6046. Landscape and seasonal plants. Hours vary. ...

Roots Run Deep

Like finely crafted old furniture or antique hand-painted china,  heirloom plant varieties carry with them a sense of history and wonder about who cared for and enjoyed them before....

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