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Tag: January 2016

Recipe: Chicken Potpie

Jo Ann Edwards shares her family's tried-and-true recipe.

5 Things to Watch For in 2016

1. Carnival’s re-launch at the Alabama Cruise Terminal The city was met with a shockwave of criticism and disappointment when Carnival jumped ship in 2011. And while renting...

Who would be on Mobile Bay's Mount Rushmore?

For purely hypothetical purposes, the MBM staff was recently discussing the following question: What if the Bay area had its own version of Mount Rushmore? A lot of names...

Ask McGehee

This eight-story building with a penthouse was apparently constructed in 1958. The 1957 city directory indicates that there were three houses on the south side of Government Street just west...

Waking Up the Ghosts

There are ghosts in jazz music. If you listen carefully, you can hear them, shaking off the cobwebs to tap their feet to an old tune. Sometimes you...

Coastal Clay

It’s under our feet. It’s on the roofs of our houses. It’s the foundation of an ancient mound city in the Delta, and it’s a modern construction material....

Into the Wild: Part I

Watt Key poses in front of his makeshift shelter in the forests of Alabama.   ...

The Amazing Life of Tom Galloway

On December 14, 1944, Tom Galloway turned 21 years old. Galloway, a second lieutenant with the 28th Infantry Division, rarely kept his monthly bourbon ration...

Longing for a Quail Hunt

The feeling of wanting to be in the Mobile Delta swept over me in the most unexpected place and time. It was last June on a girls’ night...

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