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Breck Pappas

Breck Pappas

Spotlight: Bonnie Allen

   Bonnie Allen is the happiest woman in Chickasaw. Anybody who’s ever entered her marvelously decorated home or met her impossibly sweet husband Horace has reached the same...

The Azalea City

To understand Mobile, it’s important to understand the azalea.

Life after Lee

It seems especially cruel how wonderful the weather is on the drive to Monroeville on Saturday. It's one of the year's few transition days — the days on the calendar that...

The Amazing Life of Mark Johnson

Cops can’t lose fights. That’s not to say they’re incapable of losing fights — just that losing one is not an option. Because wherever there’s a cop, ...

Mobile Ironwork

In 1864, in response to protests from the Mobile Daily Register for better illumination Downtown, the City of Mobile erected more than 200 cast-iron lampposts. Despite years...

Waking Up the Ghosts

There are ghosts in jazz music. If you listen carefully, you can hear them, shaking off the cobwebs to tap their feet to an old tune. Sometimes you...

Coastal Clay

It’s under our feet. It’s on the roofs of our houses. It’s the foundation of an ancient mound city in the Delta, and it’s a modern construction material....

The Amazing Life of Tom Galloway

On December 14, 1944, Tom Galloway turned 21 years old. Galloway, a second lieutenant with the 28th Infantry Division, rarely kept his monthly bourbon ration...

British Invasion

MB Editorial Assistant Breck Pappas with Becky (left) and Ruth (right)    While we were living in New Zealand, my English friend Ruth claimed she would...

Restaurant Review: Roma Cafe

Shrimp Scampi and Garlic Bread    It’s appropriate that Roma Cafe is situated in the Westgate Shopping Center just minutes away from the Mobile Regional Airport....

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