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National Geographic Revisited

MB looks back at a 50-year-old feature story about our fair city. “Mobile, Alabama’s city in motion”


   ABOVE Watt’s daughter, Mary Michael, his son, Albert, center, and Albert’s friend, John Michael Nipper, take...

The Western Shore

A little-known neighborhood tucked away on Mobile Bay is a treasure, with views and stories galore.

A Paddler's Paradise

Sometimes it's easy to take our proximity to the waterfront for granted. We are fortunate enough to have Mobile Bay and The Gulf of Mexico...

Westward Expansion

West Mobile. Where is it exactly? What comprises it? What are we to make of it? Questions like these periodically arise as Mobile continues...

A Guide to Mobile Mardi Gras

What’s It All About? Dozens of mystic organizations, a myriad of kings and queens (two sets in particular), hundreds of float...

Unexpected Eats: Baldwin County Edition

Grits -N- Gravy   Nestled in the heart of downtown Elberta awaits a little house with enormous biscuits and handcrafted French toast. The diner, Grits -N- Gravy, began...

By George!

It was George who built this city. Well, not the entire city, but most of its noted buildings. In 1901, George...

Back Roads to the Beach

In between I-10 and the pearly white sands of paradise lies a quiet, vast expanse of pastoral Baldwin County terrain, with gems sprinkled between...

The Foodies

When it comes to food, the residents of Mobile Bay have an embarrassment of riches that we are quite proud of. We’ve long known...

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