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Tag: February 2017

Ask McGehee

Actually, the city of Mobile has been connected with two air disasters that occurred during the Mardi Gras festivities. On February 28, 1946, a two-engine Navy...

Bold and Beautiful

Love a bold color palette? Tour these eye-catching rooms that will inspire you to use your favorite hues with confidence.

Urban Reclaim

Barton Academy    There’s a resurrection happening in Mobile. As years and even decades passed, many of our historic buildings stood empty. Crumbling and overlooked,...

In the Neighborhood

Ashland Place  Peace on Earth on Springhill Avenue Turn off on Lanier Avenue. With historic homes, Bellingrath Gardens-grade lawns and sidewalks running under mossy oak arbors,...

Ready for my Closeup

MB Copy Editor Chelsea Adams shares a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming appearance on 'Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford.'

Far from a Boar

Many Mobilians are very  surprised to hear about the abundance of feral pigs throughout our area and the state in general. They’re even more surprised to learn that the...

A Timeless Celebration

This digitally colorized image of a 1938 archival print proves that some things forever stay the same.

Sense of Place

Photo by Fontaine Howard  One of the best accounts of antebellum Mobile comes from an English captain named John W. Oldmixon. In 1855, after spending...

The Big Ride

Immediately after college, I returned home to live with my parents again in Point Clear. I didn’t have a detailed life plan, but I knew I wanted...

Recipe: Velvet Milk Punch

A splash of king-cake-flavored vodka makes this lush indulgence extra festive.

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