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MB's Baldwin County Bucket List

1. TAKE A SELFIE AT BAMAHENGE AND LADY IN THE LAKE Virginia artist Mark Cline is a master of crafting captivating sculpture, and a number of his works grace...

Unexpected Eats: Baldwin County Edition

Grits -N- Gravy   Nestled in the heart of downtown Elberta awaits a little house with enormous biscuits and handcrafted French toast. The diner, Grits -N- Gravy, began...

The Baldwin County Brain Game

1) Baldwin County’s namesake, Abraham Baldwin, founded what SEC school? 2) Where did Daphne get its name? 3) What...

Baldwin County Treasures

Known for its lush farmland, manicured golf courses, quaint towns and beautiful beaches, Baldwin County is rich with resources. But...

Ask McGehee: What is the history of Baytreat at Battles Wharf in Baldwin County?

Nestled among the waterfront estates of Battles Wharf is a facility owned and operated by Mobile’s Government Street Presbyterian Church. While architecturally resembling...

Bounty of Baldwin

Farming is a tough way to make a living, but for these folks working the land — many of them fourth- or fifth-generation farmers — the fields of Baldwin County are the only places they want to be.

Baldwin Fresh

What is it about farms? A trip to the farm could represent unbridled freedom, warm nostalgia or even a look back into the...

Rooted in Baldwin

What does it mean to be part of a place? To be shaped by the landscape and seascape, to create a sense of...

Rural Revival

A Baldwin County landmark with deep community roots finally gets a chance to shine again.

British Classics

The South Alabama British Car Club brings a bit of Britain to Baldwin County.

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