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A Hoot and a Half

There are a couple truths about owls that you may find surprising. First, you might not know that they’re ruthless...

Hurricane Season

Every so often, Mother Nature likes to throw a buzz saw up the Gulf of Mexico — a sort of not-so-friendly reminder of who’s really in charge. In...

These Rugged Days: Alabama in the Civil War

   The war became much more immediate on Dec. 9 , when what were likely Alabama’s first shots in anger rumbled over Mobile Bay. A young Confederate...

The Shipwrecks of Mobile Bay

From the upper Delta to the lower Bay and adjacent Gulf waters, shipwrecks crowd our shores. It’s little wonder, since people have been navigating these waters for...

It’s the Humidity

It’s in the air we breathe, but what do you know about humidity?

Putting on the Glitz

Modern and feminine fashion design (think Kate Spade) inspires a glamorous, city-chic wedding with plenty of pops of pinks, bold stripes and shimmery gold.

Shanties by the Bay

Sea shanties (also known as chanteys) were slow-paced songs which gangs of working men — or “shantymen” or “shantyboys” — sang to pace the hard work. On ships, ...

Pirate Attack!

    On September 9, 1710, a small brigantine hove into...

Gum Turpentine

Even if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a “catface” tree in the woods of Alabama, chances are you...

Urban Reclaim

Barton Academy    There’s a resurrection happening in Mobile. As years and even decades passed, many of our historic buildings stood empty. Crumbling and overlooked,...

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