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Tag: Outdoors

The Butterball Invitational

ABOVE Butterball team “Lyon Time, ” made up of Christopher Lyons, left, and Maury Lyons, right, relates the story of the hunt during...

A Guide to Spring Gardening in Lower Alabama

If you’re hoping to eat from the garden this summer, don’t delay. It’s time to get to work.

Far from a Boar

Many Mobilians are very  surprised to hear about the abundance of feral pigs throughout our area and the state in general. They’re even more surprised to learn that the...

Confessions of a Mobile Plant Thief

Your guide to acquiring new plants…for free.

The Great Escape

Years passed before Sophia revisited Fort Morgan Beach. She was well traveled, having cruised the Atlantic Ocean before returning to her birthplace — to lay eggs. Sophia...


   ABOVE Watt’s daughter, Mary Michael, his son, Albert, center, and Albert’s friend, John Michael Nipper, take to the Louisiana cypress swamps...

The Udder Truth

Have you ever wondered what occupied the land at the southeast corner of the Dauphin Street and Sage Avenue intersection? Driving past, you’ll see that acres of tall...

The Pier Pounders

By 7 a.m. legions of folks occupy the Alabama Gulf State Park Pier. Apparently, about half of them know each other. For the pier is more than a...

Baldwin Fresh

What is it about farms? A trip to the farm could represent unbridled freedom, warm nostalgia or even a look back into the lives of our ancestors. (There’s...

Stem to Stern

In October 2015, several eager members of Point Yacht Club loaded their small sailboats. They were preparing to set out from Josephine, Alabama, by way of...

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